Transitional periods

1. What fees are for authorization of biocidal products when national requirements during the transitional period in accordance of Article 89.2 of Regulation 528/2012 are applied?

The fees are laid down in point 4.29 of the List of Objects of State Fees and Charges and their Value, approved by the Resolution No 1458 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 15 December 2000 “On the List of Objects of State Fees and Charges, their Value and Approval of Rules on Payment and Refund”:

4.29. for the evaluation of an application and for the certificate issuance applying the transitional measures of Article 89.2 of the Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012:     

4.29.1.           authorisation of biocidal product            1 351 EUR;

4.29.2.           authorisation of biocidal product, when the previous authorisation is expired        721 EUR;

4.29.3.           authorisation of biocidal product, when biocidal product is similar to the biocidal product authorised by the same applicant (the same product-type, the same uses, the same active substances)     278 EUR;

4.29.4.           changing terms and conditions of the authorisation, except for administrative amendment of the authorisation 711 EUR

Atnaujinimo data: 2023-11-20