2023 09 28
Only Vaccine Can Prevent Rabies

Commemorating World Rabies Day, annually observed on September 28, The National Public Health Centre (NPHC) points out that vaccination is the only efficient measure against the deadly disease. Although the last case of human death from rabies in Lithuania was reported in 2007, when a person got infected from a stray dog bite while traveling in India, every year over a thousand of people seek medical ...

2023 09 26
From 5 October, Possibility to Get Both Flu Vaccine and COVID-19 Vaccine at the Same Visit

As the cold season begins, the Ministry of Health highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system. From 5 October, everyone has a possibility to get vaccinated against the most widespread infectious diseases – flu and COVID-19 during the same visit. Influenza and updated COVID-19 vaccines are most recommended for ...

2023 09 22
Vaccination Protects Against Rare but Extremely Serious Disease

Do you remember when you had your last tetanus shot? No? Then consult your family doctor before harvesting your autumn crops and check your vaccination needs. Specialists point out that even a minor injury with a dirty, soil-contaminated, sharp tool, for example, when working in the garden, can become the cause of this serious infectious disease. It is through the ...

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