Issuance of copies of archived certificates and documents


Name of service

Issuance of copies of archived certificates and documents


Recipients of service

Persons for non-business purposes

Legal entities for non-business purposes

Legal entities for business purposes

Persons for business purposes


Type of service: electronic/ non-electronic

Non-electronic service


Link to electronic service



Link to online application form (when electronic service unavailable)

General request form


Timeframe of service

10 working days


Fees of service



Cross-border payment measures and procedure



Description of process for obtaining a service

1. Recipient of service submits request and documents

2. Provider of service prepares an answer

3. Provider of service sends answer to recipient of service


List of documents to be submitted to obtain a permit

1. General request form for:
- certificate of insured income
- certificate of length of service;
- order of recruitment and dismissal, copies and extracts of granted parental leave
2. Copy of workbook (social security document)
3. Copy of identity document


Contact details of the authority providing a service (position of responsible employee, name and surname, e-mail, phone no.)

Edita Kurienė – head of staff

[email protected]

+370 5 2610862

Vilma Bukauskiene – Head of Finance Management 
[email protected]
+370 5 2649677
Jūratė Dapkienė – head of document management and consulting

[email protected]

+370 659 07212


Information concerning available remedies

Recipient of service has the right to submit a complaint to the Administrative Disputes Commission in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Administrative Dispute Commissions of the Republic of Lithuania and to the Administrative Court in accordance with the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania.


Contact details of organisations from which providers or recipients can obtain practical assistance


Last updated: 20-11-2023