It is recommended that people who have had a contact with a person infected with measles should contact their family doctor and get vaccinated within 72 hours after exposure. If they do not get vaccinated within this period, they must wait for full incubation period (21 days) to pass and get vaccinated then if they are not infected. Adults are vaccinated with the same MMR vaccine as children.

Specialists from the NPHC territorial units are actively trying to trace all persons who have been in contact with a measles patient and referring them to family physicians as necessary. Due to an extremely short vaccination period (72 hours after exposure), persons are urged to contact their own family physicians and report their previous exposure to measles.

All contacts are recommended to monitor their condition for 18 days after exposure and 21 days after post-exposure immunoprophylaxis (post-exposure vaccination). If you develop symptoms similar to a cold, flu or measles, it is recommended that you contact your family doctor.

Individuals infected with measles should be isolated at home or in hospital from the start of the illness until the fourth day after the rash appears.


Last updated: 21-03-2024