Issuance of laissez-passer for a corpse



Name of service

Issuance of laissez-passer for a corpse


Recipients of service

Persons for non-business purposes


Type of service: electronic/ non-electronic

Electronic and non-electronic


Link to electronic service



Link to online application form (when electronic service unavailable)



Timeframe of service

1 work day (after submission of all documents)


Fees of service



Cross-border payment measures and procedure



Description of process for obtaining a service

  1. Recipient of service submits application and documents
  2. Provider of service inspects the submitted documents (if the application is not properly completed - requests for corrections, if some documents or information is not provided - requests for them)
  3. Provider of service makes a decision about issuance of laissez-passer, after inspecting documents
  4. Provider of service informs recipient of service about the decision
  5. Provider of service participates in closing of coffin and seals it


List of documents to be submitted to obtain a permit

  1. An application to issuelaissez-passer for a corpse
  2. A copy of identity document of recipient of service
  3. Power of attorney (or its copy) to represent recipient of service (if needed)
  4. Medical certificate of death or death certificate (or their copies)
  5. Supplier's declaration of conformity of the coffin for the materials used in its manufacture, installed pressure device that equalizes coffins internal and external pressure (if device was installed) , the thickness of the coffin wall and other data necessary to assess its conformity with the requirements of Article 6 of the Agreement on the Transfer of Corpses
  6. Certificate from institution which performed the embalming or autopsy of corpse (if embalming or autopsy was performed) certifying that there are no objects or material in corpse other than that necessary for purpose of embalming or autopsy
  7. All documents must be written in Lithuanian or English. If they are written in another language,they must be submitted with a certified translation into Lithuanian or English


Contact details of the authority providing a service (position of responsible employee, name and surname, e-mail, phone no.)

General contact number of the National Centre for Public Health under the Ministry of Health (8 5) 264 96 76, e-mail [email protected], website nvsc.lrv.lt

Recipient of service (its call, letter) will be directed to the responsible specialist respectively


Information concerning available remedies

Recipient of service has the right to submit a complaint to the Administrative Disputes Commission in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Administrative Dispute Commissions of the Republic of Lithuania and to the Administrative Court in accordance with the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania.


Contact details of organisations from which providers or recipients can obtain practical assistance


Last updated: 20-11-2023