What to do if a tick sucked in?

If you find a tick on you, try to remove it as soon as possible. Do not use oil or other substances before pulling it out – the tick will only suck deeper. When pulling with tweezers, do not rotate the tick in all directions, but pull with a sudden movement. A tick has a mouth covered in hooks that they use to get under the surface of our skin and attach themselves, and when the tick is removed it may remain in the skin. After removing the tick, the bite site must be disinfected. It is not worth taking the removed tick to the laboratory for examination - there are no effective preventive measures that can help protect against the tick, even if it was infected.

What you have to do, is observe your health. If the symptoms of the infection appear, contact your family doctor and tell her/him about the tick bite and the time when it happened.

Last updated: 20-11-2023