How to protect yourself from tick-borne diseases?

The most reliable protection against tick-borne encephalitis is vaccination. The tick-borne encephalitis vaccine, which is up to 98% reliable, can be used to vaccinate children from the age of one year. Vaccination is given in three doses, but a faster vaccination scheme is also available. There is no vaccine against Lyme disease. An effective and safe method to keep ticks off is proper clothing and the use of repellents (tick repellants). When going to the forest, wear light-colored clothes (the upper part of the clothing should be long-sleeved, with cuffs that fit well around the wrist; the bottom of the trouser legs should also fit well). It is advisable to wrap your head with a scarf or wear a well-fitting hat. After returning indoors check thoroughly for ticks. Hang the clothes you were wearing in a sunny place or a warm separate place (ticks survive for a very short time in dry air).

Last updated: 20-11-2023