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Changes in the supply of cosmetic products to the market following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union

Since 1 February 2020, the United Kingdom has withdrawn from the European Union and has become a ‘third country’. The Withdrawal Agreement provides for a transition period ending on 31 December 2020. Until that date, EU law in its entirety applies to and in the United Kingdom

On 9 July 2020 European Commission published a communication on preparing for changes at the end of the transition period between the European Union and the United Kingdom. During the transition period, the EU and the United Kingdom will negotiate an agreement on a new partnership, providing notably for a free trade area. There will be broad and far-reaching consequences for public administrations, businesses and citizens as of 1 January 2021, regardless of the outcome of negotiations. These changes are also unavoidable in the cosmetics market and stakeholders must make sure they are ready for them.

On 13 March 2020 The European Commission's Communication to Stakeholders on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom sets out EU rules in the field of cosmetics for a transitional period and beyond.

Stakeholders are encouraged to:

  • ensure establishment in the EU, and reflect this in the corresponding labelling;
  • ensure compliance of the safety assessment (qualifications of safety assessor); and
  • take the necessary steps to update the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP).
Paskutinė atnaujinimo data: 2023-10-03