For 14 days stay in a separate apartment or house, on a separate well-isolated floor of an individual apartment or house with a separate bathroom. If it is not possible to ensure these conditions, self-isolation may take place in a separate, well-ventilated room (i.e. with windows that open and doors that close tightly).

Monitor your health. If you notice any symptoms of the infection (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, sudden loss or weakening of sense of smell and taste), immediately call the coronavirus hotline: 1808, provide the circumstances of how you may have contracted the virus (it is necessary to indicate that you have been abroad within the last 14 days) and follow the recommendations of doctors.

Do not leave the self-isolation area without the permission of a healthcare professional.

It is prohibited to travel by public transport to or from the self-isolation area, if it is necessary to carry out tests or in other cases when permission of a healthcare professional has been received.

Change the date of the appointment to a later date, If you have scheduled appointments with medical doctors or dentists. If you need to extend your prescription, contact your family doctor remotely.

Do not accept any guests for the duration of the self-isolation period.

Ask your family or friends to take care of food and other necessities. If this is not possible, it is recommended to order food at home.


Paskutinė atnaujinimo data: 2020-08-14