The Number of Sick People Is Increasing: Getting Vaccinated Is the Best Way to Protect Yourself


2022 11 30

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The National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health (NVSC) informs that the overall rate of influenza, acute respiratory infections (ARI) and COVID-19 disease has increased over the week in the country. At the end of last week, the total incidence rate of the listed diseases reached 900.9 cases per 100 000 compared to 707.9 cases per 100 000  previous week (14-20 November).

The comparison of weeks 46 and 47 shows an increasing trend in incidence of all listed diseases: influenza, acute respiratory infection, and COVID-19 as well.
The lowest incidence rate of these diseases at the end of last week was reported in Utena County, whereas the highest in Kaunas County.

Data on incidence of influenza, ARI and COVID-19 disease in Counties

Last week, 21 individual (16 of whom aged 0-17) were hospitalized due to flu, compared to 18 individuals (16 of whom aged 0-17) the previous week (14–20 November).

According to the data from the National Public Health Laboratory, in week 46 /2022 a total of 123 specimens were obtained from patients with symptoms of ARI, of which 9 specimens were positive for influenza A virus (visi A(H3)), 1 was positive for B virus and 10 were positive for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Seasonal incidence of influenza and acute respiratory infections in Lithuania since 2019

According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), for week 46/2022  in Europe out of 42,698 specimens obtained for detection of the influenza virus 2,436 were positive (type A influenza accounted for 96 %, type B – for 4 %).

European weekly data on influenza virus detections by type, season 2022/2023 

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"It's really not too late to get vaccinated against the seasonal flu as most of the time flu activity peaks between January-February.  If  you haven't got vaccinated yet, there is still a chance to do it so that you may welcome the upcoming most beautiful holidays of the year safely," – says Giedrė Aleksienė,  the head of the Communicable Diseases Management Division, the acting director of the NVSC.

During the flu season, it is important to remember the etiquette of coughing and sneezing and to ensure the cleanliness of the premises, because the infection is most likely to spread in small, poorly ventilated rooms, therefore they must be constantly ventilated in winter as well. It is also important to keep  the immune system strong: eat well, have active free time, and find a work-rest balance.