The list of affected countries is now complete with all the countries of the world


2021 02 08


Lithuania has tightened the requirements for travellers from affected countries in the attempt to contain the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus infection). The new testing and isolation requirements will take effect on Monday, 8 February.

Any traveller from any country will be required to evidence the test taken within 48 hours before the entry to Lithuania or take a test in Lithuania. 14-day self-isolation will also be mandatory, with a possibility of shortening the isolation time by taking a coronavirus test at personal expense on the 10th day of the isolation.

Individuals that are subject to self-isolation exemptions will be required to have documentation evidencing the exemption (translated into Lithuanian, English or Russian), which they will have to show as requested by the staff of the National Public Health Centre (NPHC) who are in charge of checks for compliance with isolation requirements.

The list of affected countries is published every Friday to take effect on Monday for a weekly duration.