NVSC Calls to Get Tested for Viral Hepatitis, HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections


2022 11 22


European testing week 2022 is taking place from 21-28 November across all Europe. This week, testing institutions and organizations are invited to pull their effort together to raise public awareness of the importance of early testing for viral Hepatitis, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

In 2021, more than 650 organizations from 51 countries took part in this initiative. This year is also expected to be a collaborative effort that will help expand testing opportunities and spread the message that early diagnosis of these diseases may ensure successful treatment.

Testing for HIV, viral Hepatitis B and C, and STIs is recommended primarily for:

• Persons who have had sex with people infected with HIV or other STIs
• Persons who have one or more casual sexual partners
• Commercial sex workers
• Men who have sex with men
• Persons who have used and are using narcotic and psychotropic substances
• Pregnant women

Hepatitis C, HIV and STI testing:

• For Hepatitis C and HIV rapid self-tests can be used. Self-tests can be purchased in pharmacies and e-shops. If you test positive on a rapid test, it is necessary to confirm this result with another test method, so you should contact your family doctor immediately. Confirmatory testing is performed only in the laboratory of a health care institution. For more information about self-tests visit NVSC website.
• For HIV one may test by taking a free of charge selective rapid HIV test in non-governmental organizations, low-threshold service offices, and a blood test in a health care facility.
• People aged 16 or over are entitled to anonymous health care services for HIV and other STIs. Such services can be provided without revealing the identity of the person. Anonymous healthcare services are not free of charge.

You can find a list of facilities where you can be tested for HIV here.
You can find a list of institutions where you can be tested for HIV, hepatitis and STIs here.