All countries of the world continue listed as affected. Self-isolation time for travellers is shorter


2021 02 15


Following the Friday update of the list of affected countries, the list still contains all the countries of the world, but it now has fewer countries that have been subject to more stringent self-isolation requirements. All the travellers will now be required to self-isolate for 10 days instead of previously required 14. These amendments will take effect on 15 February.

As of Monday, milder self-isolation requirements will apply in the case of arrivals from the United Arab Emirates, Aruba, Panama and the Seychelles, while arrivals from Saint Lucia will be subject to more stringent self-isolation requirements.

Travellers will be required to register before travelling to Lithuania on the website of the National Public Health Centre (NPHC) ( by completing an online registration form with correct data, and to show the confirmation (QR code) to the carrier when boarding the vehicle, and those travelling by their own transport will be required to register before the moment of crossing the border of the Republic of Lithuania and to show the confirmation of the completed online registration form (QR code) to the NPHC staff or other officials at the border checkpoint or passenger checkpoint.

If a traveller develops no symptoms of an upper respiratory infection, he or she will be able to shorten the self-isolation time by taking a PCR test for coronavirus no earlier than on the 7th day of the arrival with a negative result thereof. However, regardless of the shortened self-isolation time, it will be required for 14 days of arrival to restrict the number of contacts, and in the case of those working, it will be required to commute only between work and home and wear a face mask and keep safe distance and follow other general instructions for the prevention of the coronavirus in their interactions with others.

Another amendment effective as of this Monday is relevant for third-country nationals arriving in Lithuania for the purpose of performing work-related functions as authorised by one of the ministries. It will be allowed in this case to leave the place of self-isolation to go to the place required for handling work or business matters, where the travellers have arrived from the countries that fall subject to milder self-isolation requirements.

The list of affected countries is published every Friday to take effect on Monday for a weekly duration.

Press Service, Ministry of Health

List of affected countries and requirements for travelers (press here)