Additional medical-quarantine control procedures are applied at Lithuanian airports and seaport


2021 02 08


Additional medical-quarantine control procedures will be applied from 8th February 2021 at the Lithuanian airports and seaports after the Ministry of Health has tightened the control measures for the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) for travelers arriving in or returning to Lithuania. The travelers who will not have a negative test for COVID-19 performed before arrival in Lithuania will be registered immediately for such testing, and stricter procedures for verifying the data in the passenger's questionnaire are also foreseen.

It is required:

•    To fill in the Questionnaire for passengers and have a confirmation of the completed electronic questionnaire - the so-called QR code;
•    To have documents proving the negative test for COVID-19 taken not earlier than 48 hours prior to arriving in Lithuania; if a person plans to perform the test in Lithuania, it is recommended to register in advance for the test on the Coronavirus Hotline tel. 1808;
If a passenger has not registered for the test in advance, specialists of the National Public Health Center will register him (her) for testing at the mobile coronavirus testing site. The passengers must take the test at the appointed time, otherwise they may face administrative liability, as such a test is mandatory.
•    If a person has recovered from COVID-19, to have a certificate from a medical institution stating that he or she has been confirmed with COVID-19 disease by a laboratory test not earlier than 90 days before returning to / arriving in Lithuania.
•    If a person has been vaccinated, to have documents proving that this has been done according to the full vaccination schedule.
 Documents must be translated into Lithuanian, English or Russian.