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2023 09 28
Only Vaccine Can Prevent Rabies

Commemorating World Rabies Day, annually observed on September 28, The National Public Health Centre (NPHC) points out that vaccination is the only efficient measure against the deadly disease. Although the last case of human death from rabies in Lithuania was reported in 2007, when a person got infected from a stray dog bite while traveling in India, every year over a thousand of people seek medical ...

2023 09 26
From 5 October, Possibility to Get Both Flu Vaccine and COVID-19 Vaccine at the Same Visit

As the cold season begins, the Ministry of Health highlights the importance of maintaining a healthy immune system. From 5 October, everyone has a possibility to get vaccinated against the most widespread infectious diseases – flu and COVID-19 during the same visit. Influenza and updated COVID-19 vaccines are most recommended for ...

2023 09 22
Vaccination Protects Against Rare but Extremely Serious Disease

Do you remember when you had your last tetanus shot? No? Then consult your family doctor before harvesting your autumn crops and check your vaccination needs. Specialists point out that even a minor injury with a dirty, soil-contaminated, sharp tool, for example, when working in the garden, can become the cause of this serious infectious disease. It is through the ...

2023 09 15
NPHC: Ticks Become Hungry in Autumn Again

Specialists of the National Public Health Centre (NPHC) point out that the season of tick activity continues in the autumn, as ticks that fed in the spring have entered the stage of maturity and they need to feed again. Therefore, when enjoying the nature in autumn and looking for mushrooms in the forest, it is important to know how to protect against the bloodsucking arachnids capable of ...

2023 09 14
Communicable Disease that Can Be Prevented

According to the data in the possession of the National Public Health Centre (NPHC), from 1988 when the first case was documented until 2022, 697 cases of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) were diagnosed in Lithuania. Here, as in all Europe, HIV is being diagnosed too late, when the disease is already in the advanced stage. Hence NPHC specialists point out at the opportunity to test ...

2023 08 29
A Reminder Regarding Legionellosis in Neighbouring Poland

Yesterday, health authorities notified of a deadly outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in the city of Rzeszów, located in the south-east of Poland. The source of the infection has not been identified yet. NPHC is very closely following the information published by their Polish colleagues. The identification of the possible source of the disease in Poland can be very helpful ...

2023 08 25
NPHC: Importance of Getting Kids Back to Safe Schools

Very soon students will open school doors again, so it is very important that safe and healthy conditions for education were ensured.  Normally, basic preparations to ensure  safe and healthy conditions are conducted during the children's holidays, and with summer drawing to a close, specialists from the National Public Health Centre (NPHC) reiterate the essential requirements ...

2023 08 23
Children's Playgrounds Must Be Safe

Children spend a lot of time playing outside in playgrounds. We can see them not only in kindergarten outdoor play areas but also in the yards of private houses and apartment buildings. Specialists from the National Public Health Centre (NPHC) point out that playgrounds when children are unsupervised can become a cause of serious injuries, therefore they need to be designed and maintained properly.

2023 07 28
World Hepatitis Day: Hepatitis Can Be Prevented

The theme for World Hepatitis Day 2023 is “One life, One liver ” and it is positioned to illuminate the importance of the liver to the Hepatitis elimination agenda. The National Public Health Center (NPHC) on World Hepatitis Day, July 28, reminds about the threat of viral Hepatitis and advises on how to prevent its spread and protect against possible infection.

2023 07 25
Due to Spill from Sewage Treatment Plant in Latvia it is Advised Against Swimming in Baltic Sea

Specialists from the National Public Health Centre, responding to the news that have appeared in the media about a large spill of untreated waste into the Baltic Sea, advise holidaymakers from Lithuania enjoying in Latvia against swimming in the Baltic Sea.

2023 07 24
Due to Gas Leak in Vilnius, Residents are Encouraged to Monitor Their Health

Fire and Rescue Department has informed about a gas pipeline accident in Vilnius, Žygimantų Street 12 A. Residents are advised to stay at home with closed windows. They are also requested not to use an open fire source and to avoid electrical appliances. Specialists of the National Public Health Centre advise to seek medical attention immediately if ...

2023 07 21
Advice for Residents of Kaišiadorys Regarding Fire at Production Plant

In the event of a fire at UAB "Roda" (20 Girelės st., Kaišiadorys), specialists of Kaišiadorys Division Kaunas Department of the National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health warn the residents that the resulting smoke contains many pollutants which can irritate the respiratory tract and can be dangerous to health.

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