1. Self-isolate

Exposed person should self-isolate separately with a separate sanitary unit.  If these conditions could not be ensured, to self-isolate in a separate well-ventilated room.

Non-exposed persons may live together with the person who was exposed to someone with COVID-19 if they agree to live together.

In this case the persons who were exposed to a patient and who were not exposed should live in the separate well-ventilated rooms, to restrict movement at home and to reduce sharing of common space.


  1. To fill-in the Questionnaire

Please fill in the questionnaire sent by SMS to your phone from the NPHC.

If you know that you were exposed but did not received the SMS, this could have happened because the sick person did not indicate you as someone he (she) have communicated in person. In this case, please fill in the Questionnaire and wait for the specialists to contact you.


  1. To inform the employer

Please inform how long will your self-isolation last, and settle a possibility to work from home, if possible.


  1. Working from home

If there is no possibility to work from home and you need a sickness leave, please apply to your family doctor.

Please do not forget to notify the NPHC in the Questionnaire that you need a sickness leave.


  1. To monitor the health

Please monitor your health. If the characteristic symptoms of COVID-19 disease develop, please call immediately 1808.

If you would like to get a test for COVID-19 disease, please do not forget to indicate this in the NPHC Questionnaire.

What is duration of self-isolation?

Exposed persons must self-isolate for 14 days starting from the last day of exposure to someone with COVID-19 disease.

Isolation may be shortened ONLY for some groups of persons*


Last updated: 04-02-2021