ATTENTION! Additional medical-quarantine control procedures are applied at Lithuanian airports and Klaipeda Seaport.

FOR TRAVELLERS ABROAD. Every traveller should find out what requirements apply in the destination country.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania Declaring a state of national emergency no. 152, the crossing of the state border is restricted by prohibiting foreigners from entering the Republic of Lithuania. Exemptions for foreigners to enter Lithuania are set out in sub-paragraph 2.3 of this resolution.


  • Passengers FROM ALL THE COUNTRIES (listed or not listed as affected) travelling on international routes organised and operated by carriers as regular, special and charter services by all modes of transport must complete a QUESTIONNAIRE and present the confirmation of the completed electronic form (QR code) to the carrier before boarding the vehicle.
  • Those arriving in Lithuania from ALL COUNTRIES by their own transport until the moment of crossing the border of the Republic of Lithuania must fill in the QUESTIONNAIRE and provide confirmation of the completed electronic questionnaire (QR code) to NVSC specialists or other officials at the border checkpoint or passenger checkpoint.
  • Passengers of cruise ships do not need to fill in the questionnaire when the Maritime  Declaration of Health is submitted to the NPHC in accordance with the International Health Care Regulations and the Medical-Quarantine Control Rules of the National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health approved by the Order No. V-87 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania  on February 1, 2010 "On the Approval of the Rules of Medical-Quarantine Control of the National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health.