Issuance of permit-hygiene passport


Name of service

Issuance of permit-hygiene passport


Recipients of service

Businesses for business purposes

Natural persons for business purposes


Type of service: electronic/ non-electronic

Electronic and non-electronic


Link to electronic service


Link to online application form (when electronic service unavailable)


Timeframe of service

76 working days (time includes time given to recipient of service to resolve inconsistencies with laws that were found during the evaluation)


Fees of service

24-180 Eur (the price depends on the area of the premises and if evaluation of conditions of specific services shall be assessed at the place of services)


Cross-border payment measures and procedure

A fee determined by state, must be paid before Permit-hygiene passport is obtained. The fee is paid into states budget:(accounts of State Tax Inspectorate Under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania:

Account No.

Payments codes

Banks code

Bank name

SWIFT code

LT78 7290 0000 0013 0151



AB „Citadele" bank


LT05 7044 0600 0788 7175



AB SEB bank


LT32 7180 0000 0014 1038



AB Šiaulių bank


LT74 7400 0000 0872 3870



Danske Bank A/S Lietuvos filialas


LT74 4010 0510 0132 4763



Luminor Bank AB

(previously AB DNB bank)


LT12 2140 0300 0268 0220



Luminor Bank AB

(previlously Nordea Bank AB Lietuvos skyrius)


LT24 7300 0101 1239 4300



„Swedbank“, AB


LT42 7230 0000 0012 0025



UAB Medicinos bankas


Beneficiary of of the fee is State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania, identification code 188659752. The payment shall be made to State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania indicating:

  • the name of the beneficiary
  • account number of budget collection account
  • payer’s identification code
  • payers name
  • payment code
  • payable amount

If taxes, fees and contributions are paid for other persons (businesses or persons), the extended payment order form, including the identification code, name and address of the originator of the payment shall be used


Description of process for obtaining a service

  1. Applicant submits application and required documents
  2. Institution issuing permit-hygiene passport assesses submitted documents (if the application is not properly completed - requests for corrections, if some documents or information is not provided - requests for them)
  3. Institution issuing permit-hygiene passport informs the applicant about inspection of the conditions of services provided for by the applicant, the date and time of inspection
  4. Institution issuing permit-hygiene passport conducts inspection of the conditions of services at the place of the business (if violations of regulations (hygiene norms and other legislation) is found during the inspection, a period of 45 days is granted to resolve violations)
  5. Institution issuing permit-hygiene passport informs the applicant about the decision (a refusal to issue a permit-hygiene passport is decided if recipient of service did not resolved violations of regulation during the granted period of 45 days)
  6. Recipient of service pays state fee (if decision was to issue permit-hygiene passport)
  7. Permit-hygiene passport is given to recipient of service


List of documents to be submitted to obtain a permit

  1. An application for a permit-hygiene passport
  2. For natural persons - a copy of identity document
  3. A document (or its copy) proving the right to use the premises in which the applicant intends to provide services, unless the applicant owns the premises
  4. Cadastral measurement file (or its copy) of the premises in which the applicant intends to carry on the business. Cadastral measurement (inventory) file consists of explanations and blueprints (drawings of the premises) and is made by surveyor.   Requirement of cadastral measurement file does not apply to simple structures.


Contact details of the authority providing a service (position of responsible employee, name and surname, e-mail, phone no.)

General contact number of the National Centre for Public Health under the Ministry of Health (8 5) 264 96 76, e-mail, website

Applicant (its call, letter) will be directed to the responsible specialist respectively


Information concerning available remedies

Applicant has the right to submit a complaint to the Administrative Disputes Commission in accordance with the procedure established by the Law on Administrative Dispute Commissions of the Republic of Lithuania and to the Administrative Court in accordance with the Law on Administrative Proceedings of the Republic of Lithuania. Applicant has the right to file a complaint to the Seimas Ombudsman by fallowing procedure established by the Law on the Seimas Ombudsmen on abuse of public servants, bureaucracy or other violations of human rights and freedoms in public administration


Contact details of organisations from which providers or recipients can obtain practical assistance


Last updated: 17-12-2019