About us

About us 

National Public Health Centre under the Ministry of Health is a healthcare institution working in the territory of Lithuania, subordinate and accountable to the Ministry of Health. The main purpose of The National Public Health Centre is to fulfil within its competence the state policy of the Republic of Lithuania in the sectors of public health and consumer rights. It aims to evaluate and control the potential risks in the services, products, environmental factors and infectious diseases.

Main goals of The National Public Health Centre:

to fulfil measures necessary to create proper environment for a human health;
to implement national surveillance and control of health requirements;
to protect consumer rights related to public health safety and quality of services;
to ensure prevention and control of infectious diseases.

Personal applications, submissions and documents prepared for use (PFU) are admitted and certified at National Public Health Centre under The Ministry of Health (Kalvarijų st. 153, Vilnius) Reception and/or at the department or division allocated by the official place of residence or economic activity.

Last updated: 18-05-2017